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Musings on Today’s Music by Bella

By July 27, 2018No Comments

We are just over halfway through 2018, and I am not kidding when I say that this has been a huge year for music.

In past years, we’ve seen generation after generation of musicians spending years to release music in a full length album format. This year that cycle is broken and many artists are releasing their music in shorter formats via listening services such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

Pop music is definitely still a vital genre, especially to our salon’s ever growing playlist. Modern pop music is best when it has a fun, indie, twist. Some of the smartest indie pop music I’ve heard as of recently comes from the band SuperOrganism, which hadn’t even been formed until last year, and have already released 10 songs. Listen to their tunes “Everybody Wants to be Famous” and “Something for Your Mind” for the best intro to SuperOrganism.

Local Valley fave, Taylor Upsahl, moved to Los Angeles this year and is currently drip-feeding us new music, with no word of a new album. Upsahl’s song “Rough” is the perfect sound of the summer. True to her teen pop sensation roots, this song has extremely relatable lyrics and a catchy chorus, all strung together by the happiest beat you’ve heard in a while.

As many have observed, it’s been a huge year for music genres such as rap, hip hop, and trap. 2018 had a rocky beginning for one of my personal favorite groups, modern boy band Brockhampton. The large collective had confirmed that they shelfed they’re latest two albums, almost a culture shock to their fan base, as the group released three albums the year before. Luckily, Brockhampton has finally released two highly-anticipated singles for the summer, and they were worth the wait. Their new songs “1999 WILDFIRE” and “1998 TRUMAN” are contagiously upbeat, with obvious musical inspiration from OutKast and Tyler the Creator.

My last musical recommendation is a local band that I know personally. Closet Goth. They released their album Friendship Village this past April, and I’ve been obsessed with it since. My favorite song is “17 Year Old Liar” and it’s a perfect addition to any Summer ‘18 Playlist.

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