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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Finding Passion in Life

By September 4, 2018No Comments

Self care leads to growth.

Part of being a human being is the strive to be happy and find our passion through life.

Recently I’ve been searching for happiness after a divorce. Divorce can be hard and emotionally tough on a person, especially when they had hoped their love would be forever. In the past few months I’ve been doing a little self care and showing myself more love and understanding. I’m learning not to be so hard on myself and that it’s really okay if mistakes are made. Life is a journey and we are meant to enjoy the ride!

Part of my self care has been going to church; attending services each Saturday and Sunday. Spiritually it has helped me look forward to what’s next or even learning to accept the good with the bad. I feel it’s important to show ourselves kindness and speak to ourselves as we would to others. It’s what we deserve and I believe that through the self care and love, we will find happiness. I’m also learning to live in the moment and be present rather than only thinking of next week. Staying present helps me to hear people when they speak and learn to be patient and kind even in the hardest time.

I’m learning as we all are everyday! If you’re on a similar path as I am now, remember to love yourself!

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