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My Change from Brunette to Blonde

By August 31, 2018No Comments

Blonde…you want to go for it?

Hair color! Isn’t it fun?

I made the decision to be blonde about four years ago.

What we’ve noticed working behind our chairs is that women tend to switch up their hair because of major life changes. Getting married, break ups, a new job, or just to boost their confidence. As stylists, we are often inspired by our clients’ courage to change!

Being naturally brunette and going blonde in one day made for a huge shock when I looked in the mirror. I felt like I was wearing a wig for a couple of weeks but after it was all said and done, I fell in love with my hair again! However due to all the bleaching, toning, and hot tools, I destroyed my hair a little to say the least.

Then I discovered my life saver…Cellular Madre! Miracle in a bottle is the perfect description for this hair treatment. In just one use I could already tell and feel the difference it made. It put back all the nutrients, shine, and repaired my hair all in a matter of 15 minutes! Alfaparf is the number one Italian brand in the hair industry, so it’s no wonder why they are the proud inventor of this amazing product.

Here’s how it works: Cellular Madre consists of two parts; a liquid base and a gel base. There are three different liquids which are reconstructive, glow, and nutritive. The other is a golden vile which is mixed in with a customized liquid based on what is your best for your hair. Your talented stylist then creates this addicting potion together to give you a very relaxing scalp massage (as we all know is the best part of getting your hair done)! They then put you underneath some heat for 15 minutes and rinse it all out.

Trust me, after running your fingers through your hair, feeling the softness and strength, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. I know, based on my experience, I can never go back to being blonde without this treatment and neither will you after you give yourself this rewarding and necessary treatment. Especially if you did what I did.

So try this amazing product for yourself. You will thank me later!

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