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Feeling un-inspired with your wardrobe? Try some of these hot trends to punch things up.

1. Corsets

Corsets are making a comeback thanks to Netflix’s Original Series ‘Bridgerton’. Not in the same way though as we are seeing a more modern take on corsets. They are less structured and don’t have the same boning as traditional corsets (although those are becoming popular too). We are seeing corsets in dresses, tops, and skirts in a deconstructed, simplified way. Corsets can be dangerous if you aren’t being careful with how you cinch them, so these softer corsets are way safer since they don’t have the hard ribbing, but they achieve that same waist-cinching look. 

2. Fruit patterns

A lot of clothes for spring and summer are displaying really fun, bright pastel colors with coordinating fruit on them, such as baby pink and strawberry patterned outfits. A super fun way to add pattern and splashes of color to your wardrobe!

3. Silk

I’m seeing a ton of silk sheath dresses and even coordinating silk face masks and scrunchies! Silk is a super breathable, light fabric so it’s no surprise that clothes are being made with these types of fabrics. Not to mention it’s very versatile too as you can dress it up or make it more casual. 

Which are your favorite trends? 

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