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With spring coming it brings new life, allergies, and the hottest new trends.

Today we’re talking about trends you should try this spring! From hair to nails we’ve got all your beauty needs and more.

Like each season trends always come back, and for Spring 2021, mullets are IN. You thought they ended in the 80’s well think again. Mullets are making a comeback! This super cute and textured cut is fun and creative. If you’re ready for a new look this season a mullet might be just what you’re looking for.

If a cut isn’t what calls your name this spring hair color is always a must. From pastel pinks to soft mint greens the options are endless. Another cute trend in 2021 is the peekaboo color (just a section or sections of the hair is a different color than the remaining hair) that adds a surprise pop of color in any desired location. This allows your creativity to flow.

Not only is there so much you can do with your hair but also your make up and nails. My favorite manicure trend right now has to be graphic nail art. The diversity from soft psychedelic designs to sharp pointed acrylics gives options for everyone. Jelly nails are also a fun and creative style to try. It utilizes a transparent gel polish with a tint of your choice of color you can also add accessories to further customize your look.

Last but not least, spring wouldn’t be complete without bright colorful and creative makeup looks. Monochromatic doesn’t have to be boring, with bright neon green or pink you can make your eyes pop! Eye gems are another great way to accentuate your eyes and create a fun unique look that will make your eyes twinkle. Color doesn’t have to be limited to your eyelids. Swipe on some blue mascara and bring your eyelashes to the party.

Out of all of the fun and colorful looks this spring I have one favorite in particular. Gold glitter eyes shine the brightest by far not only on your face but in the sun too.

If any of these spring 2021 trends spiked your interest consider adding a little bit of color into your routine. Spring is a time for creation and new looks so say goodbye to your dark winter palette and bring on the color!

Blog by Jules

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