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We’d like to take a moment to reassure our clientele: Don’t worry about your quarantine cut!

If you, like many others, resorted to an at-home, DIY haircut (or haircolor) during the months of strict quarantine and have been putting off your return to the salon, it’s okay! We at The Root Salon can correct anything and we are not intimidated by any YouTube tutorial that may have taken a wrong turn when re-created at home.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed. We know that it was an uncertain time and we can’t blame anyone for trimming or coloring while the salons were closed. We get it!

So if you’re ready to return to our salon (in which masks are mandatory, disinfecting occurs between clients, plexiglass between work stations ensure additional protection, and more) but are feeling hesitant about having to reveal a DIY disaster, please put those fears to rest. We’ve seen it all: unfortunate bangs, box-color mishaps, crooked clipper fades…you name it.

We just want you back!

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