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He is making a poor choice.

Well, I was just full of great advice in this post about how to minimize Thanksgiving-related stress but now, here I am in the midst of the aforementioned four Christmases (plus a seemingly ton of other events) that we are expected to attend. And, while I’ve tried to think my way through rearranging the puzzle that makes up this holiday season to streamline or reduce the mayhem, I’ve finally given in.

Our December is packed. Packed!

So, I have a choice. Be a grumpy, ungrateful, nasty little critter through it all or shift my attitude.

I’m choosing the shift, of course!

We all know that pasting a smile on our face is easier said than done, so here’s my little bag of tricks:

  1. When I have a negative thought, I follow it with this: Wow, I have a lot of people who love me and I am so lucky that they want to celebrate with me.
  2. When I feel super stressed, I tell myself this: The holiday always, always comes together in the end. Remember the year you woke up at 6am on Christmas Eve to buy all your daughter’s presents in the toy section at Ross Dress for Less? If that worked out, so will 2019.
  3. When I feel aggravated by someone else’s holiday priorities, I remember this: If that person dies, I’ll probably remember their desire to celebrate in their special way as a moment I would do anything to experience again so just get over it, Lilia, and have some fun with this living, breathing, beautifully quirky and flawed human who will inevitably perish just like you and every person ever so be appreciative, sheesh!

(Forgive me for that last one. But I swear, it works like a charm!!!!)

So if you’re like me and tend to feel a little overwhelmed by all the December things, don’t be tempted by the dark side (unless you can twist the darkess toward the light; see #3). Make your choice to enjoy this holiday and use these tricks (or come up with your own). This has definitely helped me and this year, I’m feeling genuinely excited.

And that’s really nice.

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