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So fun!

We only have a few short weeks left before the New Year and while I’m sure many of us are in the midst of December frenzy, I’m already thinking about my resolutions.

It may seem silly but I get super excited to set goals! Self-improvement really feels great and the optimism of a whole new year in which to make personal progress is infectious.

But, how do I set myself up for success?

I use a planner or journal to keep myself on track. First, I outline my goals and set a few milestones. With a planner, I can add these milestones to certain dates. Then, I commit to writing something — even if its just a sentence — at least once a week. The entry can be a progress report or just a few notes about how I’m feeling about my efforts so far.

Giving myself this activity helps me stay active, creates accountability, and lets me reflect on the process. Sometimes, I even end up changing the resolution or adding a new one midyear.

Good luck on those resolutions! Let’s do this!

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