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Something I have been struggling with, as I imagine many are also after the past year, is getting back into a daily routine. What I have learned is that a routine has to start somewhere, that means it starts everyday with intentionally starting your day. 

I recently began waking up and listening to “Daily Quote” and “Aquarius Today” by Parcast Network on Spotify. I am not big on horoscopes, but there are inspirational ideas so it doesn’t hurt to listen. I have began to become more self-aware by listening to this. I take what I want from it and add that in with the quote of the day.

Just this simple action has helped me get back into a groove as life comes back to normal. 

Starting my day with some positivity is slowly beginning to shift my day into a more positive and productive direction and now I’m feeling my life is more positive and productive.

Remember to be kind to yourself if you, like me, have been having a hard time motivating yourself. You got this!

Blog by Steven

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