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Yesterday I spent my last day behind the chair in my salon!

I have been standing on my feet to earn a living for 41 years. And though I end this era with an injured back and in need of foot surgery, I would not change one minute of my career.

With the support of my family, friends, vendors, community partners and an amazingly dedicated team, I have built a company that is nationally recognized, provides jobs to my local community and gives back to the Phoenix economy. But this is after a lifelong pursuit of improvement.

I began my career flat broke as a single mother and struggled often with homelessness. I have no institutional education beyond high school. The beauty industry empowered me to provide a private education for my son; to be a beacon of inspiration to female business owners and to obtain the pinnacle of greatness in my craft. 

My career journey is not over. I will continue mentoring my team members and striving to build my company to be the very best we can be for the future. I may not be standing behind my chair, but I’m not ready to walk away!

This transition is bittersweet. I’m happy to move forward but I will desperately miss the relationships with my clients that was built for decades. I know I’ll be able to connect with them in the salon as they are serviced by my talented staff but there’s nothing that can replace that time in my own chair.

I want to express my total and absolute gratitude to each and every person who has supported my journey. And a HUGE AND FOREVER thank you to my partner and love of my life, my husband Sam, who always believes in me and pushes me forward every day.

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