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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Customize Your Shampoo

By April 17, 2018No Comments

We’re obsessed!

On our social media lately, we can’t stop posting about the new Pigments from Alfaparf Milano. They are revolutionary and we just can’t get enough of them! With Pigments, we can adjust your hair color in limitless ways now. But what about home care for you new custom color after you leave the salon?

We have you covered there, too! We now carry customizable shampoo and conditioner from Alfaparf. We can add custom pigments and you can keep your hair looking like you just left the salon for weeks. This is especially helpful to redheads that fade or blondes that turn brassy. We can even add the Pigments to a styling product or to your shine treatments.

So, next time you sit with your Root Salon colorist, let’s get talking about how the Pigments can help you. You won’t be sorry and you can thank us in advance!


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