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Products: So Important!

By April 20, 2018No Comments

Purple shampoo saves our blondes!

So many times, I’ve seen clients come in to the salon and complain about their hair changing tones or the color not lasting long enough. Do you have this problem, too?

I promise, it’s not your fault!

It’s probably just a matter of education. You may not have the right information or tools to properly take care of you hair and color.

So many factors play into the proper care of your color. After you leave your color treatment, there are a lot of environmental elements that can change the tone of your hair. It could be the quality of water in our city. Perhaps you are over-shampooing. And we are now getting into the season where our clients’ hair is damaged by the sun as they spend time laying out by the swimming pool.

If you have color-treated blonde hair, you may have more challenges than others. Blondes’ hair can easily change from a cool tone to gold or, as a client would say, “My hair is red!” We know that this client needs an occasional wash using purple shampoo and pigments to make sure the cool tones didn’t fade.

As experiences stylists, we know how important it is to make our recommendations for the proper product. While we are very careful to understand that this can come across as pressure or “up-selling” to a lot of people, it truly is our way to ensure that you are making the right investment in your hair. After all, you weren’t afraid to spend the money getting your hair professionally colored so why not continue that investment at home?

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