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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Concert-Going Skills

By March 26, 2019No Comments

Make it count!
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Going to concerts is one of my absolute favorite things to do. And, over the years, I’ve learned some very valuable lessons of how to do this activity right.

Follow these tips so you get the most out of your concerts!

1. Explore all transportation options besides just driving your car. Uber and Lyft are your best bet. And if you do drive take a photo or take note of where you parked your car.

2. Invest in a fanny pack so your hands can be free

3. Buy a portable charger so your phone never misses a good opportunity

4. Look up the set times so you don’t miss out on the people you want to see

5. And lastly wear comfortable shoes, you will be on your feet walking around dancing all night you dont want to be the person that can’t hang!

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