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Happy Election Day!

News organizations keep stressing that we will most likely be waiting for results beyond Election Night. And while we are all on edge to know the results as soon as humanly possible, this election may cause some of us to feel more anxiety than usual.

Here’s a trick: Breathe!

That may sound simple but often it’s hard to catch a true, deep breath on a day filled with excitement and stress. So here’s a method we learned a long time ago and have used often:

For your first breath, inhale and count to one then exhale and count to one.

For your second breath, inhale and count to two then exhale and count to two.

For your third, fourth, fifth…all the way up to tenth, simply follow that pattern. This really works to help when you’re short on breath to work up to a nice, full, healing ten-second inhale.

It’s amazing!

We’ve used this breathing technique before presentations, job interviews, and other high-stress endeavors. Give it a try!

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