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Now that we know what Balayage means, let’s talk about how it’s evolved into another, similar technique.

Since Balayage doesn’t use foils or a heat source to help lift the color, some higher levels of lift cannot be achieved. This is why foiliage was created!

If you have dark hair and want to be silver; if you want bright vivid colors like blue and pink, you will first have to achieve the highest level of lift from the hair. Hence came foiliage.

Foiliage allows the stylists to create a traditional Balayage look by using foils instead of the typical plastic wrap. The end result looks like the same technique just with more lift in the color (aka lighter) than what Bayalage can provide.

Foiliage is used when the stylist needs more than three levels of lift, or if the client has dark or certain textured hair. So during your consultation, your stylist may use foiliage depending on what you want.

Stay tuned next week as we talk more on Balayage, and we discuss “bowliage”.

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