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Getting your hair blown out not only makes you feel ready to tackle the day it also makes your hair look smooth and soft, but the shine lasts for days. There is nothing like the feeling of leaving the salon with professionally styled hair. Here are 5 different blowouts that you can ask your stylist for with or without the aid of a curling iron!

As said, this is a beachy type style . A Blowout that makes messy hair look captivating. The waves framing your face will be smooth, yet textured, so it doesn’t look disheveled. Your tresses will be waved using a curling wand, which leaves the ends free for a more relaxed finish.

If you want a more bouncy hairstyle, the voluminous Hair Blowouts is just what you need. It has also been dubbed as the “Southern Comfort” style – it offers amazing body and curl. Please remember to apply lots of volumizing mousse to wet hair before styling with a round brush and large-barrel curling iron, or else you won’t be able to achieve the look.

There are days when one wants to sit back and spend leisurely time with loved ones at an eatery or going down to the beach. But that doesn’t mean you have to sport unruly locks! The “off-duty” blowout is apt for those who want it to look like the hair hasn’t undergone a blowout. This style is defined by waves, a slight bend in the hair and most importantly, an effortless ease.

The term –stick straight – makes it pretty clear what you can expect from this style. No kinks are allowed in this polished look, which can be worn tight and closer to the face or with heightened volume.

This blowout is immensely popular among celebs, the reason being it can be done for all kinds of occasions starting from award functions, weddings, after-parties, birthdays, and so on. It is a barrel-curled wave that is well-defined, without being overly stiff.

Want to look like you have stepped off from Park Avenue? This blowout looks elegant and classy – go for waves on the bottom, which can be flipped in or out, and straight volume at the crown. The hairstyle is more prominent if you have a layered cut, as the layers are gorgeously accentuated.

Blowouts are fun and look fantastic, so what are you waiting for? Come in and see us for your next blowout!!

Blog by: Mikee

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