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Have you ever considered doing something different to your hair but not sure if its the right look for you? Sometimes to determine if a hair color or style is a good fit for you, you may want to considered the at home maintenance required to maintain your desired look. If you are looking to go lighter for the summer you have to consider the specific requirements blonde hair demands. For starters blondes or clients who lighten their hair require more moisture. Because of the chemical process lightening does to your hair, its important to add extra moisture in to keep it hydrated. Secondly, blonde tones tend to fade with every washing. So to keep the longevity of your desired tone you will need to avoid washing as much as possible. On average hair only needs to be shampooed twice a week, so definitely cut down on the washing if you are an every day shampooer. Lastly you will want to consider a violet or purple toning shampoo. Because hair color is entirely based off the color wheel, violet helps to neutralize yellow- cutting down on really yellow or golden tones. If these are things that you think would fit in your lifestyle then consider lightening your hair! Not all colors require this much maintenance (to a degree) but if you talk to your stylist, they can help find an option that fits your lifestyle!

Blog by: Kira

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