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The summer season is coming to a close as back to school quickly approaches. With that comes change, but your summer hair care is something that should stay consistent especially here in Arizona as our summer months extend beyond August. A few tips to follow so you keep those strands moisturized & color looking fresh are as followed. For starters, use cooler water temperature when washing your hair. Hot water is a big no-no for color treated hair, as it increases pH & can loosen your cuticle causing color to fade much quicker. Shampoo- cut washes down to once or twice a week maximum. This allow our natural oil barrier to get from our scalp down to the mid strands & ends of our hair, keeping everything moisturized. If you have blonde highlights or blonde color, use a violet or toning shampoo every few washes so you keep the brass away & blonde beautiful. Lastly, invest in a hydrating hair mask to be used once a week. This will ensure that any dryness in our weather does not take a toll on your hair. Living in Arizona we have to ensure that we are staying hydrated all around, this includes hydrating our body, skin, nails & hair!

Blog by: Dario

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