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To be a kid again, where everything is new and shiny in our large yet tiny, tiny world. Everyday is a new discovery, a new way of thinking. As we grow & age, it’s easy to let that spark of wonder fade away, but we must polish & nurture that inner child that remains within us. Everyone has childhood memories where everything seemed so wonderful & bright!  There is a whole world out there we have no idea about- even as we become adults with weird responsibilities like fixing our cars or working on days off we need to remember that inner child that says to let loose & have some fun!

Is it such a bad thing to give in to the temptation of wanting to change it up or start living a new life today? Not necessarily, it doesn’t require moving to a new town or changing your name. Maybe just a new hair color or a courageous cut will do! Don’t you ever want to resist what you already know and try something new? The temptation to do something impulsive is exhilarating! The feeling of freedom is so sweet, everyone has to have a taste!

Blog by: Kira

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