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As we collectively continue to find ways to enrich our lives during restricted travel and similar limitations, we’d like to share something we just did in our family that was super beneficial.

We took an art vacation!

Since our family is uncomfortable with travel in the current climate, we took a week off from our paid jobs to stay home and make art!

No binging Netflix or any other listless quarantine activities were allowed. Instead, we woke up each day and leaned into making things. My spouse is a musician and decided to take advantage of his hours in his music studio (okay, a spare bedroom) working on some new songs.

Though my background is writing, I chose to focus on learning some new craft and home decor skills. I stripped and refinished a piece of furniture, repainted and redecorated our entryway, and learned how to macramé (don’t judge — it’s fun, I swear).

There’s something grand about learning something new or digging into a process for hours on end. At the finish of each day, we’d enjoy a cocktail together and talk about what we made, what we’d like to do next, and would share ideas and advice. It was awesome!

So if you’re feeling squirrelly and have some PTO to burn but don’t know what to do with that time, consider leaning into your creative self!

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