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It’s a new year!

2020 brought its trials and now 2021 is calling for healing.

Over the years many methods and restorative practices have been utilized to help promote healing on a cellular and spiritual level. Health and wellness techniques like yoga, massage, acupuncture, to naturopathic beauty IV’s, and float tanks all provide something for everyone. Although there are many techniques that are more physically-based there are options for people looking for a more sensory experience.

This brings us to the newly-popular practice some may know of as sound healing (also called music therapy). Sound healing is an ancient method of healing using vibrational frequencies to influence brain wave activity. It dates back to Ancient Greece when music was used in an attempt to heal mental and physical disorders. Like an instrument, the human body can be tuned to specific frequencies that affect the total function of the mind and body on a cellular and emotional level.

Traditional practitioners use many different instruments such as Tibetan healing bowls, tuning forks, bells, and crystal bowls. Not only are there many different instruments but six different Solfeggio Frequencies that each have a different effect. Solfeggio Frequencies are part of the six-tone scale believed to impart spiritual blessings and are used in sacred music. The first is 396 Hz which promotes release from fear and guilt, 417 Hz for facilitating change and removes negative energy from spaces. 528 Hz for DNA repair and chakra clearing, 639 Hz for relationships and helps with communication. 749 Hz detoxes organs and cells as well as protects from harmful electromagnetic radiations. The last but certainly not least is 852 Hz awakening intuition and access to hidden knowledge.

When seeking a more non traditional method of healing or simply a sensory experience, sound healing is a highly beneficial option. Many say they experience healing from traumatic experiences and improvement in their mental health.

So in the spirit of the new year, it’s the perfect time to start utilizing new ways to find healing and restoration. May we all break free from the things that no longer serve our highest good and create a new and beautiful environment to thrive!

From The Root family to you we hope 2021 is filled with miracles and positivity for each of you!

Blog by Auriah

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