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I was once traveling with a group of other salon owners. I was listening to one owner talking about selling her salon stating that she was tired of “babysitting” staff. I asked myself if I felt the same way: Is being a business owner at all like babysitting?

The answer that I gave myself was a quick, “no!” In fact, I most often felt like a mentor.

The dictionary defines a mentor as an adviser, guide, guru, counselor, consultant; confidant and also as a trainer, teacher, tutor, instructor. For me, any given day I find myself serving most of these definitions multiple times. Almost always I find it very rewarding. Maybe that is why I have done what I do for so many years now.

If you are in a position of authority and sometimes feel like a babysitter, maybe you are approaching your position all wrong. Try practicing true mentorship. It could change your outlook and cause you to begin enjoying your work.

If you are just entering your work place or profession and feel a bit lost and alone, look for someone who is everything you aspire to be. Sit them down and ask them to consider being your mentor. Finding a resource to help you become the best you can be can also lead to an unexpected friendship and can help build camaraderie in your work place. The person you ask to mentor you will probably feel very flattered.

I’ve had many mentors and have been on the receiving end of mentorship many times. As I said, I find it very rewarding from all angles.

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