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With all the new styles and ways to color hair and highlight hair, Balayage has been my go-to way for over 15 years. Every social media platform now has a different way to do it. There’s foilyage, bowlyage, teasing Balayage; the list goes on and on.

Balayage is a French way of highlighting. The word “Balayage” means to sweep, or in a sweeping motion. This is due to the soft sweeping motion in which we apply the product. It’s an open-air, freehand painting technique.

By only highlighting the top of the hair, it gives the hairstyles a very sun-kissed, lived-in look without all the harsh grow-out lines that occur when having foil work done. Also, it’s safer and more gentle on the hair than foils.

With all the different ways, how are you to know which one is the best for you, your hair type, and your desired look?

Come back next week as we review each way in this three part series.

Balayage, is it for me?

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