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What should we expect for wedding season 2020?

As wedding season quickly approaches here in Arizona the question is brought up, what will 2020 wedding season look like?

As a makeup artist and hairstylist who loves to do all things wedding related I have had to ask myself this hard question. With all of the social distancing and guidelines in place it has become much harder for any soon-to-be newlyweds to tread this unknown water.

But lucky for some, there are many loopholes to get around in these tough times.

For instance, I had a bride-to-be come in just last week that informed me she was only allowed to have 2 witnesses present at her wedding. So instead of postponing her wedding for an undetermined amount of time, she’s instead planning to do a zoom live stream for the rest of her friends and family to feel included.

This may be vastly different from what any of us imagined for our wedding day but this bride still gets to wear her dress, have her hair and make-up professionally done, and get married with her loved ones present. And she gets to ensure the safety of all involved.

So for all the brides to be, don’t fret! We will make it through these times together. And when you need a covid-conscious salon to help you look your best for that big day, head over to The Root Salon for all your all your hair and makeup needs!

Blog by Ethan Roth

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