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We are super excited to welcome the newest smoothing treatment system from Alfaparf Milano. The Lisse Luxury Keratin line has finally arrived and curl-defining and smoothing services have reached a new level of custom creations.

The progressive smoothing system with keratin that provides even more noticeable and long-lasting smoothing and taming performance, with total safety.

From perfect smoothness to the enhancement of the natural texture, there are multiple options for smooth, tame, and defined hair. Keratin and vegetable collagen are at the base of an innovative complex that protects hair during the use of hot styling tools, repairs damaged hair, and improves strength and softness.The addition of Babassù oil, (a precious Amazonian oil, known for its emollient and illuminating properties) aids in making the hair shiny, soft and silky.

If taming your natural curl, fighting a frizzy hair texture, or seeking that ultimate sleekness is something you want to explore, talk to one of our salon professionals today.

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