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With the season of spring in full swing, we have so many things to think about! The warmer weather brings loads of outdoor events and travel. There are weddings to attend, quick beach getaways, dining al fresco engagements and charity events.

This beautiful time of year can be especially windy too. What do you do when your stylist has created that perfect hair style for the occasion and you are needing to keep it looking fantastic?

Just in the nick of time, our great partners over at Aveda have re-released one of our favorite products that we have been struggling to do without. Aveda Air Control Travel Spray has finally returned and here at The Root Salon, we are just unpacking our fresh shipment. Can we be honest and tell you we almost tackled the delivery guy when he walked through the door!

This spray is not only small enough to tuck into your handbag or evening bag but, it is a brilliant idea for carry on luggage as well as your back tote. The bride can give one to her maid of honor to use to keep the whole wedding party free of pesky fly-aways, too. I like to have several in my travel supplies so that I am never caught without one for each bag.

This spray is not only easy on your carbon footprint but, it delivers the perfect mist of weightless hold that feels lighter than air and is never sticky.

Find yours at the Travel Tower in the salon and remember that the empty container is completely recyclable!

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