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What a struggle it is to keep your makeup looking flawless during this Arizona summer heat! Thankfully, with the help of some great products, there are some solutions to help keep your makeup looking amazing during this scorching hot weather!

Makeup Primers

A well primed base is the start to making sure your makeup stays on and matte.

Some primers recommended are ONE/SIZE primer, Carpe’s primer, and Urban Decay all nighter. The ONE/SIZE primer is sweat proof, waterproof, and matte. The Carpe’s primer is sweat proof and includes SPF. The Urban Decay primer is smoothing, hydrating, and long lasting. All three of these primers can be applied on the T zone and blending on to the rest of your skin to provide an all over prepped face for your makeup.


Once you’ve primed your skin it is ready for that flawless base/foundation. Some great options that are highly recommended are the Too Faced foundation Born This Way, IL MAKIAGE’s foundation, and The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. Born This Way is full coverage, long lasting, and also has a matching concealer with the same features. Perfectly ideal for summer, the IL MAKIAGE foundation is very lightweight and has its matching concealer with the same features. The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is also nice and lightweight while being full coverage. These bases are going to be life savers for the hot weather.

Eye Makeup

For those who love to enhance your look with some eye makeup, there are many options out there, but here are some favorites: the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and NYX’s Pro Makeup Epic Ink eyeliner. The mascara from Too Faced is waterproof and long lasting, while the NYX Pro Makeup Epic Ink is vegan, waterproof, and a liquid eyeliner. With these two products your eyes will stay looking fabulous all day!

Setting Spray/Powder

Once all of your makeup is done, you’ll need to finish one last step to make sure everything is locked in for the rest of the day! Some setting spray and powders that are recommended are Urban Decay’s All Nighter spray, the ONE/SIZE On ‘Til Dawn spray, Urban Decay’s All Nighter powder, and the ONE/SIZE Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder. The ONE/SIZE setting spray is matte and waterproof and The Urban Decay setting spray is also waterproof and long lasting. The Urban Decay setting powder is a pressed powder and waterproof, while the ONE/SIZE setting powder is a translucent, matte, soft, loose powder. If you would like to use both products (which is recommended), be sure to apply the powder to the T zone and blend out to the rest of the face, then afterwards, finish by using the setting spray on to your face. This will lock all your makeup and make sure it stays in place.

Now, after all this is done, you’re ready to step outside in this heat and stay confident that your makeup will look amazing all day!


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