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Why are we all Ergo styling tool super fans here at The Root Salon?

The company’s unique mission in creating their amazing brushes was to create hair styling tools that are easier to use, ergonomically friendly to the body, and deliver longer lasting shiny hair.

Originally started as ERGO Research Inc, a research company to help hair stylists who were in pain after a day in the salon, what we have learned now allows everyone to look and feel their best every day.

For nearly 30 years, leading hairstylists and salons have chosen ERGO styling tools for professional use and offer them to their clients to help keep their hair beautiful at home.

Like most other companies, they have continued to evolve. Today, they are equally a maker of great hair styling tools.  An extra bonus is they have personally lent their hand in the education of our team of top notch stylists, in the “Art of the Blow Dry.”


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