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The Drying Game

By October 19, 2012No Comments
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Get that water out!

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know that I love hair…with a passion.

But do you know what I hate with a passion?

Drying my own hair in the morning!

I have a ton of hair. And even though I’d rather have too much than too little, it’s super time consuming to style this thicket of tendrils. Plus, I love to wear my hair long and I so, so love the way it looks when I take the time to style it.

No matter what I’ve tried, there’s no “quick” way to dry my hair.

But I finally found a trick. About two years ago, we brought micro-fiber towels into the salon to be sold for our clients. I took one home to test it out.

Let me tell you, people…I cannot LIVE with out my micro-fiber hair towel! It’s the perfect size to create a snug head wrap that I can wear while I eat breakfast or start my makeup. This towel quickly absorbs the majority of the water out of my hair. With all that water out, it cuts my blow-dry time down by 40%.

That means my morning-drying time went from almost an hour to a little over 30 minutes!

After unraveling my hair from the microfiber towel, my strands are still damp enough to style. Since it’s not sopping wet, my hair is totally workable with a round brush and it holds a nice shape for the rest of the day.

This fabulous microfiber towel is one of our best products. It’s ultra-absorbent, soft and gentle. It’s an absolute must for everyone’s bathroom. It works with every hair type, texture, and density… and it’s especially handy for those of you with an abundance of hair. I highly recommend it!

Once you pick up your towel on your next visit, be sure to remember this tip: avoid using fabric softener or dryer sheets when you wash your micro-fiber towel. Those products can ruin the absorbency and then you’re back to square one with massive styling time in the morning.

Get this towel and enjoy your extra time!

By Emily Claire Chelgren


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