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Living in Arizona we all know the sun can shine a bit too bright down on us in the summer, so here are some good health benefits sun bathing can get you.

Hanging out by the pool can do you more good than just getting your skin to that perfect summer glow–it can boost your dopamine and Vitamin D levels and get you in a good mood. That’s probably why all the good memories are in the summer! Sunlight supports better sleep and sets your circadian rhythm by regulating the levels of serotonin and melatonin. Just getting thirty minutes to an hour of light in the morning or day will help you sleep better at night!

This hot Arizona sun can also improve your blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and take all the toxins out of your beautiful body. Who knew the sun had good intentions for us other than making us sweat like crazy? The next time you think about complaining because it’s too hot outside, let’s look at the bright side of the sun and its benefits!


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