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A huge source of waste in any busy salon that specializes in hair color is…well, the color itself. Without a carefully planned system, the average salon across North America wastes between 25% and 45% of the color they buy at any given time. This obviously results in a huge loss of money, especially in a salon like ours where we use only the finest coloring products.

A few years ago we decided to partner with a company that devised and amazing system and we are so happy we did! All day, every day you can see our colorists using the “Vish” system to mix and deliver the perfect amount of color needed for them to perform an array of trending color techniques on our guests.

How does this work? Vish is a color weighing and tracking system. It is a powerful, yet simple and intuitive three-part system. Color formulas and service information are captured using Vish’s Bluetooth scale that connects to the Vish Color Bar app. Information collected at the Color Bar is then automatically sent to Vish Front Desk for a smooth and seamless checkout and then to the Vish Dashboard for analysis.

Colorists weigh and measure for each guest and then re-weigh the leftover color. Next time we see the guest, their information is kept in our system and tells the colorist the precise amount of the guest’s custom formula to mix. Not only does the system prevent the waste of money and product, it prevents the waste of time too. Additionally, we are able to send much less unused color back to our partners at “Green Circle” for repurposing.

We love technology here at our salon, especially when it allows us to reduce waste, maintain our environmental commitments, and to serve our guests more efficiently.

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