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It is officially time for the Holiday spirit, and Christmas is right around the corner. With Christmas shopping picking up it’s important to think about the effects we have on the earth. From Thanksgiving to New Years, Americans rack up 25% more waste than any other time of the year. It might seem unavoidable to create waste with all the wrapping and shopping, but here are some cute and fun ideas to give the earth some Christmas cheer as well.

 Wrapping paper is one of the most wasteful parts of Christmas, plus all the plastics they are covered with make it harder to break down and recycle. A super easy little D.I.Y. is to get rolls of plain crafting paper rolls (which are very inexpensive and way bigger), and draw little designs like Christmas trees or snowmen, plus it can be used year round for birthdays or graduations with other designs. The easiest way to create less waste is wrapping alternatives, I’ve even received gifts wrapped in newspaper comics which I loved.

For shopping, it definitely depends on who you’re gifting to, but websites like Grove that support small businesses and only sell sustainable products are amazing. Another great option is experiences. You can always find local trips especially in Phoenix! And for the hair lover in your life check out gift certificates to the Root salon!

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