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We are finally starting to head into summer. The time of year where days get longer, we can engage in many activities later in the day, we can finally go to the pool or the beach, or simply go on a nice vacation. However, with lots of fun comes a lot of responsibility. We need to protect our skin and hair.

To be more exact, the hot sun rays can cause heat damage to our skin and hair. It is important to protect and care for our skin and hair. Sadly, not caring for our skin and hair can leave permanent damage or damage that can be shown or developed over time.

Some ways you can protect your skin from the heat this summer are using sunscreen, clothing/hats, or prevent prolonged exposure to the sun or heat in general.

When it comes to hair care and protection from the heat and sun it can mean changing your hair products. Prevent using oils, they can literally cook your hair when heat is added. Instead use smoothing and hydrating creams or a light serum.

All in all, summertime can be a lot of fun but, let’s not forget to care for ourselves.

P.S. Stay hydrated, folks!


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