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Pool season is still here for another couple of months so make sure that you are caring for your hair properly when you swim! Pool water can wreak havoc on our hair (and sometimes scalp), it is drying and offers no nourishing elements. Pool water creates buildups and can change the color of your hair if you dont remove it from your hair properly. Blondes- yes we are talking to you! A few products that will save your hair without visiting the salon:

– a Purifying or Clarifying Shampoo: This cleanses hair thoroughly and gets rid of chlorine build up within the hair.

– a Violet or Purple Shampoo: This tool will help to tone unwanted tones created by the sun and/or pool water. Violet cancels unwanted yellow tones within the hair, leaving it shiny & brighter.

– a Moisturizing Mask: A leave in conditioning treatment or moisturizing mask will hydrate your hair after it has been dried out by chlorine or heat (both environmental and hot tool related).

– a Leave In Conditioner (aka detangling spray): This will help to coat the hair with additional hydration. This is a product that can be used every time your hair is wet.

If you are ever unsure about what products to use talk to a stylist about your specific hair care needs. Another great tip would be to use all this products in this order for maximum scalp cleansing and healthy vibrant color.

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Blog by: Dario

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