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Spring is around the corner and pastel colors are always part of the trend.

As hair colorists we have not skipped this trend for the past few spring seasons and this year will be no exception. From lilac to blush and hues of pale silver, we know we’ll be asked for these hot spring tones again this year.

We are here to provide!

However there are some things you should know about achieving these popular shades. To execute pale colors the hair must be pre-lightened and on most heads of hair this is quite a lengthy and expensive process. It might also take several sessions over a few days for us to accomplish this look. It is also not always possible on previously colored hair. You will need to practice special instructions when it comes to home hair care and probably will need to buy specific products to care for you pastel tresses. The darker your natural hair is, the more difficult this process will be.

All that said if you are all in on the pastel hair color we are absolutely thrilled to serve you! Rest assured that our team of colorists is highly trained on producing great results with this sought-after trend.

Not only do we know how to nail the color, we also go above and beyond to maintain the integrity of your hair during the transition. To be sure of what is involved specifically for your head of hair, your schedule, and your budget, we will ask that you book a complimentary consultation. This will give you a chance to bring pictures and talk to our colorists about your dream color and allow us to let you know exactly what to expect.

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