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Trust us, there’s nobody that understands more that we are in the profession of making you feel beautiful on the outside. But, we often hear the phrase “New year, new me”.

What about how certain things make you feel pretty on the inside?  What about practices that often result in an outer glow?

With putting away our salon holiday decorations, we all pitch in as a team and work on repairing old decorations, overseeing inventory, and sprucing up our salon space as part of the new year. When we all work together, it brings our team a lot of pride in our salon home. Putting things away and making sure they are spotless and sanitary ensures great customer, service, and safety. We love sharing and inspiring this with our guests!

We know that spring cleaning is around the corner and that our salon is facing a late spring remodel. For us at The Root there’s no time to rest on our laurels as we step in to 2023! We love being in beautiful our work environment and conveying our sense of pride to you. Keeping our space, beautiful and clean and organized keeps us on our toes.  It fills us with enthusiasm as we open the doors to greet you each and every day.

Why are we sharing this on the blog today? Because we were thinking that you might be able to apply this to your living or work environment to help you feel centered and beautiful from the inside out as YOU step into the new year. Our team wishes you a happy, healthy and, prosperous 2023.

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