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Men – stay youthful with this quick and easy solution:

I love that more men are taking pride in their appearances. As the saying goes, “Dress for Success.” Studies have proven that when we look our best, we feel and function better. Nowadays, looking one’s best goes beyond clothing and our hair can say a lot about us.

One thing I love about working at the Root Salon is access to the latest and greatest in hair color. I’ve warned friends about dyeing their greying hair. Nobody wants to have to deal with roots or fake-looking color.

Luckily, Redken has an amazing collection of color for men. The processing time is only 5 minutes! What makes this color truly amazing is that it very gradually fades out of your hair, leaving little to no trace. The shades match perfectly with your own hair for an extra natural look.

Give us a call for more information on this time-friendly service!


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