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Why is the internet obsessed with giving food names to trending hair color?

Here at The Root Salon,  we have seen many hair color trends come and many go. Obviously, we pay close attention to these trends in order to keep as up to date for our clients as we possibly can. But,  a recent in internet descriptions for hair color has us fascinated. The past few seasons we have observed while “vanilla cream blonde”, “hot chocolate brunette”, “caramel highlites”, and “mulled wine red”  have risen to the top of internet searches.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that using food and drink-themed names to describe colors or textures makes it easier for clients and professionals to land on a color variation.  We happen to think people are trying new things and perhaps using exciting new ways to talk about it. Maybe it makes the process of change — which can be intimidating — a little less serious and more fun.

Right now it is making us hungry!

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