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We know, we know…blow dry styling your hair in the heat of the summer (especially here in Arizona). Sounds like the worst possible scenario as you’re getting ready for work in the morning or a hot Friday night out.

Try giving a few of our hot weather styling hacks a try and see if it doesn’t give you a little bit of summer style heat relief!

Tip #1:

There’s nothing worse than getting part of your style blown up beautifully and the heat in the room around you, combined with the blow dryer is making you perspire, so your neck is sweaty and gross, and now your hair is starting to get damp from your own perspiration. Try rubbing a little deodorant, or antiperspirant on the back of your neck. This does wonders for keeping your neck from being sweaty and ruining a great blow dry style. 

Tip #2:

After combing the tangles out of your hair and squeezing out as much moisture as you can with a microfiber styling towel, toss your head upside down and blow dry your hair quickly without using a round brush.  Make sure to get the hair completely dry. By blow drying upside down, you are drying the hair away from the scalp and creating a little extra volume. Will your hair look messy? Of course, but, reach for a set of extra large diameter, hot rollers. By using these hot rollers in the same direction that you would use your round brush to create a style, you get the same round brush, blow out look without the excessive time of using the blow dryer and its added heat. 

Tip #3:

Skip the heat styling all together and wash your hair the night before, letting it air dry, and then wrapping it in rag rollers to sleep in overnight. You can get a great beach wave affect doing this. You can also braid down pair and sleep in it overnight for a super wavy look that everyone will ask you how you did it.

Tip #4: (And we think the best one)

Give us a call at 602-277-4072 or book online at and have a blow dry specialist give you the style you’re dreaming of. You can sit in our air-conditioned, calming environment, sip a glass of wine, and leave looking amazing! We sell blow dry packages at a discounted rate to make it super easy to not touch your blow dryer during the summer months. 

-Laurèn Hart

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