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Hollywood Award Season Trends

By January 24, 2014April 23rd, 2022No Comments

It’s that time again! Golden Globes, Oscars, People’s Choice Awards…the glitz and glam of the season for all our favorite Hollywood celebs is upon us!

Here at The Root Salon, our team finds this time of year so exciting and inspirational. Trends will be set, jaws will drop and incredible figures will grace the red carpets..

So far, we predict we may see a large influence of braiding techniques. Though braids are beautiful, we admit that we’re ready to move on from this Hunger Games inspired trend.  Braids are not for the faint of heart and sometimes they can pull too much hair away from the face — especially on a more mature woman.

We would very much like to see true, old-school glamour return to the red carpet! The total glam look has been embraced by some classic beauties here and there over the past few years, but we would love to see it become a more cohesive theme.

We’re craving shiny, healthy hair that moves in deep waves and reflects unbelievable shades of color. Sometimes we feel that the attempt to be the “stand out” just doesn’t work when it comes to celebrity hair. You know, if you are sporting the latest, ultra short look of a pixie, your gown had better be simply amazing and fit you perfect. We’re hoping for softer, classically beautiful looks that don’t require perfect, symmetric bone structure.

What do you want to see?

Either way, we are thrilled to embark on another season of red carpet events. After all, the whole world looks to American celebrities as icons of style and beauty.

Blog by Lauren Hart

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