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Growing Pains

By February 1, 2013No Comments
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Growing out a pixie cut…it can be done!

Growing out a cut can be a painful endeavor. Whether it’s a bob, layers, bangs, or (the worst grow-out of them all) the pixie, resisting those sheers takes serious stamina. Especially when your hair length reaches some of those awkward in-between stages.

Unfortunately, we can’t make your hair grow faster.

We can, however, offer these tips to help with the “pain management” of this lengthy process.

As always, start with a photo. Your chances of successfully achieving this goal increase dramatically if you’re able to keep the end game in your mind’s eye. Don’t forget to share the picture with your stylist so you are both working towards the same look. And, if you really need support, keep it in your wallet so when you have a weak moment, you can easily remind yourself of how fantastic you will look when this is all over.

Frequent trimming is a must. Be sure to schedule a cut or trim every 4-6 weeks. This may seem like taking a step back but with a talented Root Salon stylist, we can find ways to improvise with attractive shapes and styles to get you through the rough patches. Plus, keeping hair in the back short while the rest of the hair “catches up” will save you from those awkward stages.  And, especially when it comes to a pixie cut, these interim trims keeps you from looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Be realistic. Before you commit, you should know that hair grows about 1/2″ per month on average. Assess how many inches you need then do the math. For many, it may take more than a year to have noticeable hair growth.

Get creative. When you’re improvising, creativity and experimentation goes a long way. Consider bangs, wearing your hair curly, straightening, headbands, or hats…the sky’s the limit so play around and find a cute look.

Make a hair color change. Why not? If your patience is running thin and you’re itching for the new look, a hair color change can give you that exciting boost to get you through some tough months.

Listen to your stylist. With each appointment, your stylist will assess your progress and determine the next step in the process. Especially when it comes to the interim trimming, some suggestions may seem counter-intuitive. Rest assured, your Root Salon stylist only wants what’s best for you and will do whatever it takes to make you look like that photo in your wallet.

Okay, so now that you have all the facts, let us know what your dream ‘do may be. We’ll get there together!

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