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Though Phoenix is a wonderful place with endless activities and restaurants to check out, sometimes you just need to get away. Here are some easy weekend getaways if you’re ever yearning for a little vacay.

  1. Palm Springs

Only a 4 hour drive can bring a whole new scene. With couture hotels, and booming clubs, Palm Springs is quickly becoming a hot scene. Plus the scenery is beautiful with mountains and hikes all throughout the city.


  1. Joshua Tree

Such a perfect and peaceful getaway into the desert, Joshua Tree may be just what you need. There are so many towns to check out and fun shops to explore, and if you enjoy camping, there are so many options throughout the park and so many insanely cool Airbnb’s to check out.


  1. Bisbee

A small, cute, and historical town just past 3 hours away could be just what you need to defuse. Bisbee holds a historic mine that offers underground tours, as well as museums to learn the history. The town itself is super cute and gives you the perfect small town feel to escape the city.

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