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How To Choose a New Salon

By June 8, 2018No Comments

And if the salon looks spectacular, that can’t hurt!

You just moved. You’re stylist just moved. Or no one moved and you just need a new stylist.

Whatever the reason, it’s so hard to know how to choose a new salon!

If you are like most people, you will begin with a good old Google search which will lead you to many reviews. Be sure to read them of course but if you really want to do your research, read the reviewers’ profile pages ( is great for this). By looking at the reviewers profile, you will be able to tell whether or not the person seems fair-minded. If every review they have written is negative, then you can pretty much trust that they only want to complain online.

Next, visit the salon website. Do the reviews reflect the culture of the website? Can you learn about the services offered and the team offering the services? A good website should introduce you to the people that work in the salon and their specialties so that you may choose the right service provider for you.

Finally, we suggest looking at the response to reviews from the business owner. If you have responses to reviews from a concerned and engaged owner you have probably found your forever salon home.

Additionally, give the salon you are interested in a test drive of sorts. Any salon worth visiting will give you a complimentary consultation in order to offer you exactly what you are looking for.


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