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Calling All Curls!

By November 3, 2017No Comments


Natural curls are making heads turn. More ladies are saying goodbye to hot tools and blow dryers to lengthen and straighten their locks, and hello to embracing their waves, curls and natural manes.

Like the snowflakes we never see in Phoenix, no two curls are the same. Sometimes the transition towards rocking our hair flat-iron-free can be a struggle. Other times we just have no idea how to get our manes under control with confidence.

But, like our salon’s motto: It all starts at The Root!

Caring for curls is crucial. With harsh hot summers and dry winters, Arizona alone can discourage us from taking a walk on the wild and free side. But with proper care, knowledge and maintenance, you too can stand out in the crowd with your curly crown.

It’s all about moisture, moisture, moisture. Curly hair is naturally thirsty. Using the proper at-home products can make the biggest difference from, “Wow! She looks amazing!” to, “Yikes! What is she doing to her hair!?”

Aveda has an entire product line dedicated specifically to BE CURLY! From shampoo to styling, the entire line takes care of all your needs for you to have perfect coils that will get the compliments they deserve. At your next appointment, talk to your stylist and we can map out a product plan for you.

Also, keep up with your trims. Just because you are laying off of the heat does not mean those ends won’t split, and nobody wants ratty ends. The good news: Wearing your natural curls allows for some extra wiggle room when it comes to the scissors. You should visit your stylist every 3-4 months (vs the traditional 8-10 weeks) for your haircuts. What an even better reason to dive into those natural waves!

It’s time to let your curls rock and celebrate the hair you wear.

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