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Long before I came along – well first let me introduce myself, I am the General Manager at The Root Salon. Back to what I was saying, long before I came along the salon had many local and national awards under its belt. This is because my boss LaurĂ©n Hart has instilled her drive for being the best at whatever you do, do it the best in every person on her team.

Out of the annual awards that come in, Phoenix Magazine’s Best of The Valley is the accolade that means the most to me. Being named Best Hair Salon by the readers and editor of Phoenix Magazine in 2021 meant all the hard work, late hours, happy/frustrating times and relationships I developed with the team, clients and community actually meant something. The local community that I am a part of may not know me personally but they know about the amazing people at our salon that keep The Root Salon at the top of the hair industry.

When it all comes down to it winning awards feels good but what makes it all worthwhile is seeing all the victories in each of our team members lives. But… we don’t want to give up our title as Phoenix Magazine’s Best of The Valley – Hair Salon. Follow the link to vote for us daily till May 21st. Vote for The Root Salon!

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