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Being a Barbie girl has never been easier, or hotter! Pink (specifically hot pink) is everywhere, on everyone, and of course, Barbie has something to do with it. The rise in vibrant pink on red carpets, in stores, and on your Instagram feed is officially being referred to as Barbiecore.

Since the announcement of the Barbie movie, Barbiecore has been turning the world pink, so it is no surprise that it has taken salons by storm, as well.

Barbiecore has shaped the beauty landscape in the last year, with more and more people choosing to incorporate pink into their nails and blonde into their hair, prompting consumers to overhaul their beauty routines.

Here at The Root Salon, our team of blowing experts are up on all the latest bonding techniques and even have a few pink tricks up our sleeves.

Our online booking is quick and easy and we can make all your “Big girl Barbie” dreams a reality!

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