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A Curl’s Best Friend

By July 27, 20124 Comments
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Hi, I’m Roxanne. I can teach you how to be a curl’s best friend.

I am a curly-haired girl. Today, I love it. But there was a time when I hated my hair. I spent countless hours trying to style it straight (and that was before I owned a flat iron). Often, I’d give up and  just chose to wear my hair up.

Then, the curly mop of a Ms. Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) hit the scene. I was inspired! At age 14, I finally figured out how to work with my natural curl, not against it.

No two curly heads of hair are alike…heavy curl above the ears, just a wave under the neck, fine, thick, medium, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless! Not to mention, hardly anyone’s hair has a uniform curl.

But with the right product and a little encouragement from the blow dryer, we can all have beautiful Bradshaw-inspired curls.

On product…

Alfaparf  Milano shine treatments are the best way to start the process. Because this product lays down the cuticle of the hair strand to reflect shine, it also reduces 50% of frizz.

Mousse is a must when styling curly hair. Lucky for us, L’Oreal professional products have different mousses that cater to all hair textures.

The absolute perfect product that really tops off the style is Alfaparf Milano’s Shine Finish.

Talk to your stylist to find the right product combo for your curls!

On blow-drying…

After applying the product to your hair (have your stylist teach you how) blow dry with a diffuser attachment. A diffuser helps to distribute heat evenly over the entire head to encourage curling while drying.

Tilt your head to the right, then left, to dry your sides. Let your curls fall naturally and avoid “scrunching”. Also, keep those paws out of your mane — running your hands through your hair will break up the curl pattern. Once the sides are dry, turn your head upside down to dry the rest. Be sure to get your hair bone dry. If you don’t, your style will collapse.

Heat should stay on a medium setting. Good rule of thumb: if your hair is getting whipped around by the forceful air, it’s to powerful. Kick the setting down a notch or two.

On curling irons…

Once dry, grab a curling iron and be sure to choose a size that mimics the width of your natural curls. Snatch and curl the strands that just didn’t coil as well. Don’t forget to use a mirror to check for wimpy curls in the back.

On concept…

If you are used to seeing yourself with straight hair from your round brush or flat iron, seeing yourself with curly hair may seem a little unruly. This feeling will pass. Curly hair will always have a teeny bit of frizz but that’s the very thing that makes this look so sexy.

Now, channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and get to it!

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