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Before I retired from working from behind my chair serving guests, one of my favorite topics to discuss with some of my fellow gardeners was summer gardening in the low desert. Let’s face it, gardening in Phoenix during the summer months is a huge challenge. It’s especially difficult if you like to see color like I do (I mean, I am a colorist after all).

The choices of blooming planting material is so limited when you have experience with what actually survives out uber hot climate.

Vincas are the most hearty bloom and they are readily available. When I started gardening in my hometown, the only colors offered were white and pale purple. Now they come is loads of variety of colors. This year I planted a verity called “papaya”  which is a lovely pinky-orange hue.

Zinnias do well and if treated right can provide a beautiful show of multiple colors but they are very finicky about our hard water touching their leaves.

“Sweet Potato Vine” is also a good choice as it grows and spreads quickly and comes in three different colors.

My personal favorite, is the sunflower. If I act on it early enough, I germinate mine from seed. They come in so many different colors and heights and they love the summer sun! They will often even come back the next year. One of the reasons I love them is there are many poems written about them. One sighting says that they “always hold their heads up and face the sun.”  Being a proud Arizona girl, I love this!

I also love that in love they symbolize unconditional love and limitless loyalty. How romantic is that?!?!?

This year I managed to grow a beautiful veritable called “joker.” She has a stunning coco colored face and her beauty was no joke!

If you’re brave enough, enjoy gardening in Phoenix during the summer here. It takes time and dedication but the rewards are beautiful. This blog is for my sweet client Judy. She knows who she is.

Blog by: Lauren

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