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Want to go Short? Like, really short?

By February 21, 2014April 19th, 2022No Comments

Have you been thinking about cutting your hair short? Are you looking at photos of Jennifer Lawrence’s hair then darting your eyes to your phone, ready to make a haircut appointment?

Well, now’s the time to go for it because summer is right around the corner and in my opinion, is the perfect time to go for the big chop.

But if you aren’t quite feeling 100% yet, then let’s go over some things to consider.

Are you ready for a change? Being confident about your style is a absolute must. If you have any doubts, don’t do it.

What is your hair texture like? Is your hair straight or does it wear with a soft wave? These are the two most successful textures for a short cut. In fact, straight hair is the best, but wavy hair is do- able too. This isn’t to discourage curly-haired women. Short can work with curly hair but it will take some work so don’t expect to have that Ginnifer Goodwin haircut naturally.

Are you okay with exposing your neck and possibly part of your ears? This is a question I don’t think many people think about when they go short but it’s something that really changes your look. If you’re self-conscious about these features, you may want to reconsider.

Okay, now that you’ve worked through these questions, you are ready to make a decision. If you want to pull the trigger, we’re with you! Contact us today and we’ll give you this bold look in time for the warmer weather!

Blog by Roxanne Montiel Pusch

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