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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Write Online Reviews that Stick

By April 10, 2018No Comments

“I visited The Root Salon and it was the best experience…”

Here at The Root Salon we have been super blessed with many fantastic reviews both on Google and Yelp. But, for the protection of businesses and reviewers, sometimes an honest, glowing review is filtered out of these sites’ algorithms.

So if you take the time to share some online love to one of your favorite local spots, how do you make sure it will be seen forever?

Start by posting a picture to your profile. It doesn’t even have to be you (really, it could be your cat). Then, at your next great experience at a business, snap a few photos to upload alongside your review. These sites give more credibility to profiles that have pictures.

Then, write other reviews. I mean, if you love one business you most certainly love more, right? Share some more love with your reviews and that algorithm will deem you “legit”.

(Yes, that’s a real term in code engineering.)

Finally, make friends on the platform. Yelpers, for example, who have a social network are more likely to have their reviews stay live on the site if they use more of its features.

So, Now that you know, snap some photos of your next great experience and you some local businesses some review affection!


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